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Author Topic: outback Survival Dingo pullon boots review  (Read 85 times)


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outback Survival Dingo pullon boots review
« on: October 21, 2018, 07:32:49 am »

First, here is a link to the boots themselves.

Cyd tried on a pair at a horse expo, and liked them and reviewed them under the Blundstone boot thread.  I saw them with her in June, and decided to get a pair for me.  These ar a replacement for Ariat Terrains which have changed over time and are now much too wide for my foot.  I need a pair of boots for every day of my life, that I can also jump on a horse and ride.

I would say they run very true to size BUT they do not have a removable insole.  I need a good arch support.  I ended up returning the 6.5 pair, which fit good as is, but we’re too tight with an added insole.  I exchanged for a size 7 and added the thinner Protalus insole and everything is great.  I wear these literally 24/7.  I run my tack store, horse motel, board horses for a gal who teaches lessons out of my barn, babysit my active 3 year old granddaughter.....and try to do he typical life of a 60 year old housewife.  That is what the boots put up with and I am very pleased.  Very comfortable and they seem to be holding up much better than the Terrains.  This is what they look like now...much used, cleaned and oiled once.
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Re: outback Survival Dingo pullon boots review
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2018, 11:41:48 am »

Some of my pull on boots will slip up and down on my heel.  I wonder if these would do that?  I wear a 6.5 also, and a pair of old Ariat lace-ups from 1998 (yes, mouse chewed insole and all) that are probably a very snug 6. I bought some Ariat Terrain H20s for hiking last fall and they are finally getting broken in but they are lace ups. My feet have gotten so much wierder through the years.  Last time I hiked in them, I got a rub underNEATH one of my little toes. Next time I wore them they were fine. They have rubbed my heel (but only one heel) in the past. I also have some Dublin River pull on mid height boots that I love, but they have gotten stiff where the boot flexes above the back of the heel, and, yep, they rub sometimes as well. They are also hard to get on because of that stiff, folded leather, but then my feet swim around in the size 6.  But I love that they cover most of my calves when I am walking in high brush.  I keep thinking about getting some chaps, but I do love the convenience of pull on boots.
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