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Author Topic: NAUGHTY NAUGHTY DOZER  (Read 82 times)


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« on: October 11, 2018, 10:03:33 am »

NAUGHTY NAUGHT DOZER! So we call him Feral! Use to be David's horse but somehow I think his riding days are over. But that's okay we have a guest horse and one I can work with because Jex is perfect ;). Second time I have ever ridden him. First time was when he was consistently ridden over a year and a half ago. He's a huge 15.2 MFT and can have his share of tantrums. First, he's never ridden off alone, second he shakes his head when he has a tantrum and tries what he wants to do. I only rode him in our turn out in CA in a canter. Sweet Canter. But after eating, sleeping and pooping for a couple of years now he thought he was in retirement. I decided to get on and I could barely get my foot in the stirrup. I thought, "Why my husband is taller." oops Hannah tried him last so my knee's were almost to may face. Said what the heck. Next ride I'm lowering them. I'm 5'6" no 5'1" This horse is a challenge worth every minute. Can't wait to get on again. He is definitely not beginner friendly but that only makes him more fun. Can't wait to lower the stirrups. Try gain today. He needs a lesson of who's in charge again. Silly horse. We were riding in a new area, never rode him alone and there was a ditch on one side.


Melissa, Southern California.....hitting the trails with Jex my Tennessee Walking Horse...soon.


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« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2018, 03:54:45 pm »

Sounds like you have a challenge there!

Marilyn and
 Bud, 31yo reg. MFT gelding & Midnight Rendezvous (Kate) 2 yo MFT  mare.
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