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Author Topic: Reynolds Creek Park, Waco TX  (Read 123 times)

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Reynolds Creek Park, Waco TX
« on: May 11, 2018, 08:42:14 pm »

Who would have thought! A pretty darn nice day use equestrian park about an hour from us! We rode with two quarter horse people today, one horse 20-something so it was slow slow pace. But actually we, normally speed demons, enjoyed ourselves immensely. Two nice ladies and pretty park. Someone told us we needed to teach our horses they can''t always go in fourth gear so it was good training
 Moonshine has adapted to quarter horse pace when necessary pretty well. Speedy Gonzalez, based on name alone, what do you think! His one redeeming quality, he has a pretty good mouth and obeys the bit pretty well so I was able to keep him behind the pack. But it took correcting him about every other step. He burns up a lot of energy prancing which makes him sweat profusely. I was just bragging on how.well he was doing today when he went down on his knees so fast I didn't realize what was happening. Apparently he just wanted to roll because of the sweat. I yelled "NOOOOOO!" so loud I scared the pants off him (and everybody else for miles) that he scrambled back to his feet. So as t that point, I went from bragging on him to offering him for a quarter to the first taker. No takers! At which point my smart-allick husband yells out, "He's overpriced!"

And so my love-hate love affair with this horse goes on!!!!
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