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Author Topic: ADVENTURES OF ME & G  (Read 1511 times)


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« Reply #30 on: July 17, 2016, 09:57:35 am »

A lot of time has passed since I last posted in my journal!  I don't want to lose it, so I better do an update.

A year and a half ago after a triple wrist fracture from a wild bucking spree by G, we are back to our old selves and back on the trail on a regular basis.  That was until the hot and humid weather of summer hit us last week.  I haven't ridden in two weeks and I'm dying to get out on the trail.  We trailered out to our favorite trails a couple weekends ago, just the two of us.  Hubby drove with us and went hiking while we went off on our own.  It was glorious and a huge accomplishment.  After 13 years together, it was the first time I rode G in a bitless rig on the trail.  I picked up a "wheel" which acts similar to a snaffle.  He's been doing exceptionally well in it and I'm not sure if we'll ever go back to a bit.

We're still at the old Day Lily Farm, now Skyz the Limit Performance Horses.  G really loves coming and going out of his huge stall and being able to hang out with the boys who hang their heads out of their stall windows into G's paddock.  It's a great set up, and having the trails right off the property is a huge bonus.  Only problem at the moment is the hot humid weather has brought out the deer flies with a vengeance.

A bitter sweet moment is coming up for us tomorrow.  We're closing on the sale of our Tennessee property.  I really thought it would be our dream location, but after vacationing at the beach in Florida and Rhode Island the past few years, I came to realize how much the ocean is a part of me.  In middle Tennessee, the ocean is a long distance away.  We're happy that we're getting our investment back, as property values really nose dived starting in 2008.  Although they are on a strong upswing, with the upcoming Presidential elections on the horizon, I don't have much faith that they won't dive back down again.  So we're happy that we're selling it now.  We can then pay off the balance of our mortgage on the current house, pay off a couple of other debts and begin the process again to find our retirement dream location.  I've been researching the Carolinas and Florida, but I'm leaning to the Carolinas as they aren't quite as hot as Florida and closer to our families here in New England.

I started doing yoga two years ago, and a year ago hubby decided to join me.  It's a weekly ritual, but I'm working on him to do it one night a week as well.  I wish I could do it everyday, but finding the time always seems challenging.  Yesterday we joined a group of about 100 yogis for street yoga at the Collinsville "Its Hot" street festival.  It was awesome to practice with such a large group, the energy was truly magnetic.  We followed up with an hour kayak adventure up and down the river, and checked out all the artisians and events.  Collinsville is a cool little town, which reminds me a bit of Vermont.  A hippie vibe!

Hoping to keep this more up to date as the adventure continues.  Namaste.
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