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Author Topic: A view short clips to tell a story of a partnership.................  (Read 202 times)


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I had Hannah video me real quick to show the mask going on and off Jex to send to his previous owner. We still keep in contact because she loved this horse. Now he's my Angel. I use to have to run it up his neck from behind and once it hit his ears it could get nasty.

From my perspective because I have the GoPro. I look at Hannah and then David. When we began he was freaked at the flags and they were being held closed now her we are behind waving. The small parade.

This is a bit longer so you can skip through some of it. It was the first time I rode this loop in Wrightwood CA. The trail boss was a guy named Ray and in our other corral they refer to his past rides as "Ray Rides" because he's this wonderfil man in his late 70's who use to lead some hairy rides and many would not go. He always carried that reputation. He was always President of that corral for years but as members got older no one wanted Ray rides. He loves cliffs, sheer drops etc. He's a "tell it like it is old guy who tells it like it is, has a dry sense of humor and is a good Christian man who holds Sunday church at every camping trip we do" David and I love him and his wife to death. I hosted a camping trip couple of years ago and only him and his wife came. That was the trip I celebrated my 50th and she her 70th. It was a blessed birthday to remember. After this ride I told him his ride (this one) was the greatest ride I had ever had in all the years I've ridden. We stopped halfway and had lunch at a campsite. But the beauty of California. And get this.....this is literally 30 minutes from home!!!!!! Can't wait for Davids foot to hill. He didn't go because he was broke by then.

Ray and his wife up front, actually his wife who is a timid rider who rides a mustang. A biker comes around the corner and this is what happens. It's starts at 18 minute mark.

This is the infamous Ray! He's a good 'ol cowboy and ex-Marine

And here I am using Amante's old side pull in our turn out. He really doesn't get it but it felt good.

We had driven back to Hopes for a group lesson. I loved this conversation. Turn up those speakers. Clare is Hopes help with training. One of her girls. She is funny but no nonsense and gives David a lesson on "What if I hurt my horse"

And this was the first time a trainer rode Jex. I'm no trainer and due to my memory issues it's hard to remember things. I could never get him to canter although he has went into a couple of strides on her own a few times. No problem up a hill. When I lunge him he does not canter but I lunged him a couple of weeks in saddle and he started to go into a canter. Weird. At the end of the video she tells me this horse knows more than he's letting you believe. Hmmm I wonder what.

And that's it for now. I hope to be able to share many more adventures. I hope I didn't bore you all lol

Melissa, Southern California.....hitting the trails with Jex my Tennessee Walking Horse...soon.


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Re: A view short clips to tell a story of a partnership.................
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2017, 11:00:39 am »

Poop, can't see any of your videos.

I've been thinking of you for awhile - Yeah, I know, you don't know me! - but my sister has RA too and the difference (downhill, sadly) between her last year and her this year was quite shocking to me.  I was hoping you weren't having issues with your RA.
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