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Author Topic: fargoshandmaiden  (Read 149 times)

fargos handmaiden

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« on: September 08, 2017, 12:02:45 pm »

From Central Texas between Corsicana and Waco.  We own 16 very drab trees, flat!  But it beats the years of keeping my babies in stables. I get to look out the window and see/visit any time!  But, as I was warned by a stablemate who had been there/done that, when you have your own place, chores and upkeep consume you and can cut pleasure time with the horses down to nearly zero.

Many years ago, we trail rode and camped quite a bit.  After moving to the farm, I needed income in a tiny town with few job ops, so I started a chicken egg/farmers' market business while hubby was out on the road long stretches truck driving.  Then the riding went to pretty much zero and I watched 12 years or better of my beautiful Fargo's youth and vitality go to waste.  At one point when I though he was on the downhill slide, I bought another horse to replace him on the trail.  Lo and behold, throwing every conceivable supplement at Fargo seemed to turn him around and give him new vigor.

After my hubby and I finally developed health problems keeping up with 500-700 chickens, my herniated disk in my back and my hubby's hernia made the decision for us that the chickens had to go.  Now finally REALLY RETIRED, we are trying to get back into camping/trail ridiing again. AND I rode my old man Fargo on this last trail ride who was all that he used to be!  It was wonderful!

We have 3 horses.  Besides my Heart-Horse, Fargo, a 23 1/2 year old TW, Hubby has a foxtrotter, Moonshine, limousine gait to die for, but needs more trail experience.  Now 70, I wanted a small horse this time, with a big motor.  Be careful what you ask for.   :)  His name is Speedy Gonzales, supposed to be a small speed racker.  Jury is still out on his gaits but I THINK he is gaited, I hope.  I am not a good judge.   I love that he can really go but he is just high-strung enough to be a bit of a challenge but I think lots of wet trail blankets will cure most of it.

My back is darn near perfect now and hubby is managing.  This recent campout and trail ride was with a super group in East Texas and we plan to do at least 2 a month.  Everyone is so far away though.  We would love to meet or find a group or a few people near Mexia, Corsicana, Waco or Hubbard, TX who are like-minded.
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