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Author Topic: A safe place to share  (Read 136 times)


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A safe place to share
« on: August 11, 2017, 09:12:50 am »

As some of you know, my health has taken a turn and I really need a safe place to share and ask for prayers. I have been open and honest on Facebook but my page is also filled with a lot of my clients now. I haven't been here to GHS in awhile but I started a home based business breeding and selling rare/exoctic chickens and have done quite well. I'm grateful for it or I'd have lost my horses long ago as I'm not able to work any longer. And I truly love and have a passion for it.

So I've been sick for a couple years now, it's progressed to the point that working is no longer an option. I've finally gotten a diagnosis! I have a rare disease called pheochromocytoma, which is a mass on my adrenal gland that is leaking hormones. Your adrenal gland is responsible for controlling all of your bodies functions, including your blood pressure. The gland is actively leaking now (it doesn't always) and my blood pressure spiked so high I had to call 911 3 nights ago. The thing is they can't biopsy it until it is out as my adrenal will dump everything and that'll be that. So I'm waiting. The entire gland will be removed.  Next up is an MRI with contrast as there is a small spot on my liver that was too small to characterize. I also have gi bleeding, a lot and have been for months now. There's cycsts on both of my kidneys. And my latest is pain in my left lymph node, I'm on anxiety meds while going through this. My red blood cells are too big? Just saying this all makes me anxious. Prayers are appreciated and much needed.

My next step is an MRI with contrast. I've been referred to a gi and endo however I can't go under anesthesia to get a colonoscopy so not sure how that'll pan out.

That's all for now. I sleep mostly all day which is starting to wear on my nerves. I'm lucky I have customers come by and chat about chickens though. It's been a life saver. All this said, Ive read remarksble stories of recovery once the tumor is removed my adrenal function can start working properly. I just pray it's not cancer and hasn't  gone anywhere else.

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