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Author Topic: NoBite  (Read 124 times)


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« on: May 19, 2017, 02:37:19 pm »

I am a moderator here and devoted trail rider. BTW, my real name is John Maldaner. The NoBite alias came about a very long time ago when I first climbed on the Internet and needed a forum name. I've had some unusual pets/hobbies over the years. Back then i had several pet snakes. Several times when friends would visit, their kids would look at the snakes and ask if they bite.

We live in far western Kentucky, just 30 minutes south of the tip of Illinois. The Shawnee Forest of southern Illinois is our primary riding venue. We are also less than an hour from the Land Between the Lakes area of Kentucky/Tennessee. Trail riding is our passion. As with many folks, we started out riding quarter horses. Fifteen years ago we transitioned to gaited horses and haven't looked back! Whereas my wife grew up with horses as a little girl, I got my first horse in 1996. My horse education started out in the Parelli program, when it was also fairly new. I can't say enough about the great foundation that program provided me, though we exited the program when it started getting a bit over the top for our needs. Early on we also were a part of the barefoot horse movement. I have trained with several barefoot trimmers, my favorite being Lyle "Bergy" Bergeleen. After several years of pursuing that angle, we abandoned that approach when we turned to gaited horses. I'm thankful for what I learned in that endeavor, but for several reasons I choose not to be part of that movement going forward.

We have a few acres where we keep our horses at home and to me that is as much fun as riding them. I just like to be around horses! I'm also blessed to have an equine assisted therapy facility close by. I volunteer there, helping special needs kids and adults through horse riding. I am retired, so have the time to devote to these interests. In my business life I was involved in sales and marketing and became somewhat adept with computers. Kysa asked me to assist here and I enjoy helping out however possible.

Currently, we have two TWH's and my wife's MFT. Her horse is on medical rest for at least the next four months as he is recovering from a bad fall and a resulting fracture. In addition, in the past couple of months we had to put down my first gaited horse, Star.

I enjoy taking pictures while trail riding and seeing others' pictures. I especially like Gaited Horse Sense where I can learn from our members' vast experiences and share some of mine!
- Life is short. Ride your best horse.

John Maldaner, western Kentucky
Star KMSH, 1991-2017 R.I.P.     Legs, MFT, 1999-2018 R.I.P.    Bandit, TWH, 2005   Smokey, TWH, 2010
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