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Author Topic: KysaSD  (Read 62 times)


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« on: May 18, 2017, 02:20:59 pm »

I am one of the Moderators here, as well as board owner.  Not sure how that happened, it fell in my lap after other people started it.
My first name really is Kysa and I live in South Dakota...the flat, not so pretty part of the state.  My husband is a dairy farmer (has lots of pasture land!) so I have more horses than is strictly necessary.

Shay, a standardbred, and the beginning of my horse education.  I have been around and owned horses for my entire life, but Shay made me learn.  Harness race horse, purchased on meat auction in Canada, most multigaited horse I have ever known, and a horse of a lifetime.  Showing her age a bit at 27, but still good for a few flatland rides, or a cart ride.

Savanna.  A Mountain Pleasure Horse, purchased from Stablemind when Shay needed to retire from tough trails.  Another great horse, and perfect for me.  She knows that tough trails are why she was born!

Molly.  KMSH.  And truly the best horse I own.  Purchased from Rainmaker Stables when I was expecting my first grandchild. 13.2. Absolutely the best children's horse EVER.  A legitimate offer of a million dollars would quickly be turned down.

Lola.  A 38 inch high mini.  Gifted by BarbCO for my grandchildren who do love to drive her and ride in her cart.  Parades are planned this summer.

Note to new members....Shay is the only horse I have that did NOT come from a GHS board member.  This can be a very very dangerous place, especially for your wallet.

I also board my best friends horses.  Jane and I have been best friends for 30 years.  She lives in town, her horse live with me.
Carmel.  Mountain Pleasure Horse we picked up in Kentucky last fall.  An awesome mare who will only get better with time.

Jodi.  Paso Fino.  Picked up from Deb at Crest Ridge when she was getting out of the gaited mule breeding.  Very awesome horse and a great duet guest horse.

Belle.  13.2 Spotted Saddle Horse picked up in Texas with help from GaitedAppyLady and used for grandkids.
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Kysa, South Dakota, 2 Mountain Horses, and a Mini, yes, I am crazy!
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