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Author Topic: I Fell off Mercy.....and caught it all on the GoPro!  (Read 591 times)


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Re: I Fell off Mercy.....and caught it all on the GoPro!
« Reply #15 on: February 19, 2016, 04:28:04 pm »

What an odd area to ride.  All sand.  Then a car driving by. 

Why did she have an issue and you come off?

So now you have the new gelding, where has your mare gone now?  I may have missed that in another post. 

So you have a helmet cam?  Cool.  I did some video's but could NOT get them posted for some reason on youtube.  Maybe they were too large?  Haven't figured that out, but I am not computer illiterate, just camera illiterate but can learn. 


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Here is the selling Mercy thread

and my new horse one.......... :)


Health issues getting worse...needed quiet horse.
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