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Author Topic: Hello....My name is.................  (Read 4448 times)


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Hello....My name is.................
« on: December 04, 2013, 04:52:13 pm »

One thing we are missing in the "introduction" section. And also everyone's names. I use to be able to click on someone's profile and 99% of the time they had their real name listed. I know many members real names but there are also a lot of new "faces" so maybe we can share a little info here. I just like being able to respond to others using their name.....it's just more personal than a screen name :) So please forgive me if there is a intro section hiding somewhere..........................

Melissah.....mine like some others is pretty easy to figure out. Melissa.

I been riding since I was 39....never rode in my life before that. I am now 48. I have a 22 year old Peruvian Paso named Amante who in spirit was my "first horse" My real first one, a 4 year old TWH, did not work out.....green plus green......oops. A fellow GHS member named Sherry (who I miss and wish she would visit us) gave me her 17 year old stallion and she swore he would be the boy to give me the confidence I needed to live my dream. I had no confidence whatsoever and was just about to give up on horses all together. I hooked up my trailer, with daughter and husband in tow and drove the 6 hours to meet Sherry and her husband. And when she led Amante up to me it was love at first sight. I packed him away in my trailer, drove him home, gelded him 2 weeks later and the rest is history!

I been married 23 years and we have a beautiful 20 year old daughter named Hannah.

Next...................don't be shy

Here we are..............Me in the middle

Melissa, Southern California.....hitting the trails with Jex my Tennessee Walking Horse...soon.


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Re: Hello....My name is.................
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2013, 05:27:19 pm »

Good idea Melissa!!

My name is Rebecca.  I've always loved horses and riding and finally got my own horse 4 years ago.  He's a 13 year old Rocky Mountain Horse.  We've learned a lot together over the past few years and because of him and this new life, I have found a whole new world of adventure and friends.

We enjoy trail riding and visit a lot of local parks.  We also like to go to fun shows, judged obstacle trail rides.  We've tried team penning and we love to swim.

I've been married for 8 years to Brad and we also have two labs, Tehva and Nimosh (7 and 6) and two cats, Spock and May (4 and 5).

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Re: Hello....My name is.................
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2013, 05:43:36 pm »

My name is Carol.  I am a damn Yankee.   No, not really.  Md is below the Mason/Dixon line. 

I started with lessons at age 8.  I showed English, jumping and Anglo Arabs.  I raised Anglo Arabs as well. I also started in ECTRA, before progressing to AERC.  I have done extensive crewing.

I started horse camping while still in high school!  I got back into gaited in about 2003 or 4, somewhere along in there, after having owned one TWH in high school.

Also in the 2000's  I showed a APHA in halter and lunge line, also an Anglo Arab, a TWH , and a spotted filly.

I mainly trail ride, do saddle club shows and mounted shooting.

This year I have become an owner, my first horse ever with a professional trainer.  Thanks to the dedication of the trainer and her crew, my filly is now a SSHBEA World Champion.
Just last week I found out that the dam, my ride, is also a multi show champion. ( which I didn't know)!!!

The most time spent on the road has been one month, trail riding.  I have done this a few times.

I have one spayed alley cat in the barn and one miniature dachshund .  I have 3 SSHBEA, 2 of which are NSSHA.

I also and involved in Early Times Chapter and MVPA.


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Re: Hello....My name is.................
« Reply #3 on: December 05, 2013, 07:40:20 pm »

My name is Cindi and I am the Granny of this bunch... 76 yrs old and riding, showing horses and endurance riding,  my whole life..still do trailriding and camping....and will for a long time to come...Also a retired vet tech, now  unretired and working at a Humane Society... I also do herding dog rescue and some horse rescue...
My Hubby Richard and I have 5 keeper horses.. Tucker, the spotted Mt. Horse in my avatar,
Billy the little bitty TWH in my little avatar, Witch, Richards MFT, Friday, another MFT and an extra horse, and Lucy Palousy, an appy driving pony...
With these and 8 keeper dogs, we stay quite busy...  Richard is to have his rt knee replaced on Monday.... Left one was done 2 yrs ago...
Welcome newbies and tell us about yourselves..
It's all about life, love, dogs and horses.


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Re: Hello....My name is.................
« Reply #4 on: December 05, 2013, 09:16:46 pm »

I'll play. My name is Laura. I'm 38 years old and have been around horses most of my life. I have a picture of my grandfather with one of his horses and I think he is where the horse bug came from. My dad always liked horses too. We had horses when I was very young because we lived on a small ranch. I got my first pony at probably around age five. My parents moved back to town when I was around 7' I pretty much begged for riding lessons and would go with friends that were lucky enough to get lessons or have a horse. One of my older sisters bought a horse at some point and I would tag along with her to the stable.

Once I graduated from college and got a real job, I bought a horse. He just happened to be a twh. I knew nothing about gaited horses.  I had three of them at one point and just love the breed. I helped train the last two. My husband is excellent with horses and my mare that he initially broke is just a perfect horse. I've shown, pushed cattle, swam the horses in the ocean, packed in on them, and of course trail ride. My gelding is now 19 and I've had him 12 years. My mare is 10. I got her at four pretty much untouched. When she was dropped off for us they joked that she was barely domesticated. My husband says she is the most amazing horse he has ever trained.  Anyway, my horses have a home for the rest of their days. I enjoy them and like to trail ride. I'm lucky because my trail buddy is my sister and she also has a twh.

TN Trail Rider

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Re: Hello....My name is.................
« Reply #5 on: December 05, 2013, 10:25:16 pm »

Okay, I'm up for it!  My real name is Lynne.  I'm 69 years old and have owned horses for 36 years.  I live in the Chattanooga, TN, area. I started with horses in my late teens taking riding lessons, and then renting horses from local stables.  I finally was able to buy my first horse -- a QH -- when I was 33 years old and fulfilled a lifelong dream.  He was a great horse to have as a first horse and I owned him for 21 years until he died at the age of 27.  I currently own two horses now -- a retired Appaloosa, and my current ride which is an 11-year-old Rocky named Sam's Mountain Man (Sam).  I have been married for 42 years (to a non-horsey person) and we live on a 13-acre farm with the two horses and two cats - Harley and Zoey.  I was a prior regional director for the now defunct TN Horse Council and am the outgoing secretary of the Back Country Horsemen of TN.  I can't post pictures here because our e-mail computer is separate and I can't copy files to an internet connection, but I don't like to post my pic anyway!


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Re: Hello....My name is.................
« Reply #6 on: December 06, 2013, 11:52:57 am »

My name is Terie and I'm 27. I live in north Texas and I am owned by two horses and a chocolate lab. Rosie is my Walkaloosa who I have raised since birth. She will be 12 in May. Dusty is my Fell Pony and we've been together since June of this year. He will be 7 in May. It is challenging to find time to ride them both and at this point, Rosie is my go to horse. I just started D under saddle in July and although he's coming along very nicely, he's not ready to hit the trail yet. Rosie is wonderful on the trail....fearless for the most part and smooth as glass. My girl can really cover some ground! I hope to do some CTRs with both of my equine kids in the future.  I've had horses pretty much my whole life, but these two are definitely my heart horses. Brodie is my lab and I've had him since he was 5 weeks old. He will be 7 in March. Both horses are in my signature and here is a photo of Brodie!

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Re: Hello....My name is.................
« Reply #7 on: December 06, 2013, 05:29:58 pm »

Was never around or involved in horses until late 40's when my daughter and wife adopted two Horses..a retired STB pacer and an OTTB.  I couldn't fight them..so I joined them.  I adopted Match for my 50th birthday.



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Re: Hello....My name is.................
« Reply #8 on: December 06, 2013, 06:16:20 pm »

Alaska Barbara, 47, prickly personality.  Not really  :D
Been riding since I was 7, been horse crazy from birth, to very suburban middle class parents.  Honestly, at family get togethers it is quit obvious I am cut from another cloth, LOL.  Got my first pony at 12.

I am owned by two horses, Rebel, a TWH, I have had since his 14 day sonogram and he was just a dot.  I bought him for my 40th birthday and knew nothing about gaited horses.  I am also owned by Juno, a OTTB, my daughters horse who was too naughty to sell, who is coming along nicely. 

I also have a husband, two adult girls, an almost 4 granddaughter and a grandson on the way.  A geriatric cat & Pomeranian. 

on the far left, at a search & rescue training with Rebel

My TB looking proud

And Owen, my old guy, obviously not recently!


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Re: Hello....My name is.................
« Reply #9 on: December 07, 2013, 09:39:42 am »

Ok let's see :)  I'm Jenn, I am 38, I'm originally from MA but now live in NH.  I have three horses.  I started riding when I was a kid when my parents gave me riding lessons as a birthday present that were only supposed to be for a month and they didn't have the heart to make me stop.  My grandfather used to show and later raced Standardbreds, although I don't know a lot about him because he kind of scared me and he ended up passing away when I was 18. 

My first horse was a Standardbred named Cashel.  I got her when I was 13.  I tried showing but Cashel was not a show horse and my parents did not have the money for trainers etc.  We discovered the love of trail riding when the guy down the street took us under his wing and he has become a second dad to me.

When I had to retire Cashel (who has since passed) a friend let me try her MFT and I was sold.  I bought Kit when she was 2 from the internet and had her trucked from WV.  She is now 14, while I enjoy riding her at times, she has a mind of her own and can be a bit wild.  But I keep her because I promised her I would and I worry that she would end up bounced around from home to home if I let her go.

Cricket is my heart horse.  She is gosh I don't know if she is 11 or 12 LOL, she is an MFT as well.  I fell in love with her when I saw her at my friends farm when she was two weeks old.  I didn't need another horse but I guess my husband recognized how much I loved her because he said she was all I talked about so he bought her for me for Christmas one year.  She is not well gaited, she is pacey, and can be a goob, but I love her more then anything.

I also have a little gelding that doesn't gait a lick but needed a place to land and because I'm a bleeding heart he came to live with me.  He and Cricket are best friends and are terribly attached to each other.  He is 5 now.  I got him when he wasn't even  a year old.  He is very smart and could really be a great horse if I had more knowledge and more time.  I really should find him a home where he would be used but can't bare to break him and Cricket up.

I trail ride all over New England. 

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Jenn-New Hampshire


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Re: Hello....My name is.................
« Reply #10 on: December 07, 2013, 11:04:02 am »

Sherry Robinson -   I was a horse crazy girl and my Dad got my first pony when I was 5, a stud Shetland that my Mom sold after he bit me :)
When I was 10 he bought my sister and I two geldings and we enjoyed every minute.  This was in Florida.  I moved to Oklahoma many years later, had a daughter and on a visit back to see my Dad, he had an Appaloosa and my daughter discovered her horse bug at age 5.  When she turned 9 I bought her a horse, then a year later got me one, then the van got traded in for a truck, horse trailer was next and off trail riding we went!

I met people on this group when I moved to PA from Oklahoma for 1 1/2 years. I took a job up north because I wanted to learn Appalachia oil & gas and it was a chance to ride another area of the country.  I met a lot of nice people, LOVED Pittsburg and if I get a chance, I will try to get back there.

I am now real involved with a local club and winter time makes me start looking for new places to ride.  I discovered we have Elk releases at the game management areas not far from me, so this spring we are planning a ride to see our Oklahoma elk! 

I have my daughter's first horse, a QH, who was bought at age 6 and is now 28.  I rode a TW when I was a kid and bought one for me to ride with my daughter.  I started raising them and now have two geldings from the mare I bought (she is now 31)  I bought a smaller mare, so I now have 3 horses to ride.  Unfortunately my daughter is not interested in riding anymore  :'(

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Coweta, OK


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Re: Hello....My name is.................
« Reply #11 on: December 07, 2013, 01:03:40 pm »

Candi.  Located in Central Ohio, 34 years old.  Born and raised in NJ where it was simply too expensive to have a horse. Went to college for Equine Science and ended up falling in love with an ornery OTTB.  Worked with a Standardbred track vet as an assistant for an internship and enough money to go back and buy King at the start of the new school year.   I did and he pushed me to actually learn how to ride instead of take lessons.  That horse was a bad fit for me, had tried to put better riders through the roof and bucked me off more than I ever rode him, but he was mine.     Got married, bought him a farm and eventually bought our first TWH as a companion and a hubby horse.   Really I just bought Dusty because he was $200 and got on my tiny horse trailer, not because he was gaited.   That was close to ten years ago.  Both those boys crossed the rainbow bridge two years ago.   

For years we just rode around the farm, trail rode and did civil war reenactments.   More horses came to live with us...Tried out team sorting, cowboy challenges, competitive trail/obstacle rides.   Buy a few horses each year to resell for hay money, mainly did the events to train them.    Really enjoyed a Hunter Paces series we tried last year but got addicted to mounted shooting this year and having the most fun with it. 

My main ride is a 7yo TWH grey mare named Sky.   Bought her as a 3yo, and she was just spunky enough to make me not want to let her go. Actually the lady who called and told me she was "bored with palomino and want a nicer color to ride" is what made me take her off the market.     Really the one that made me fall in love with walkers.   I had the spunk and excitement of the TB without getting dumped all the time or bolting across the field hoping we can stop before the county line.   She's done everything with me: trails, jumps, contests, sorts, shoots, reeenactments, outrider work...anything but show.  That's where she draws the line.   Up til this past year she refused to go into an arena and do anything  other than stand in place and refuse to move.    Rough start in life I assume.     She loves the job she has and I'm super proud of how she's matured.

Merlin is a 12yo TWH black gelding.   I never checked his show record but I'd be amazed if he wasn't padded at some point.  Bred and built for it.    He loves to look good and win.  He's hot, emotional and a hard keeper.  Bought him to resell but have found very few people who actually want to ride the guy.  He won his first ACTHA ride in open division and placed in his first speed show.    Very loyal to me, so he's my trail buddy and hopefully we'll go to a show sometime.   I bought him at a sale when he was 9yo.  "Anyone can ride" field trial horse.   HA!   He pushes me to be a better rider and I appreciate that.   Hope we can show next year and eventually I'd love to try gaited dressage with him. 

Beau is my 12yo blue TWH gelding.   Field trial horse most his life, bought him when a friend of mine was getting into wrangling for field trials.  Sent him off to work with her to pay for himself and he was packing around judges last Spring.  Hoped he would be my mounted shooting horse, the boy can turn and run like a QH.   After a year of fighting about it, I gave up on that.  Mounted Shooting is the one thing he refuses to do.  Not scared, just not interested and turned it into a chess game to get out of doing it.   We've done well at Gymkhana, awesome at team sorting, took him to a pace this year and jumped for the first time.   Two days later went to a foxhunting demo and he was clearing 2'6" like he's done it his whole life.  On the fence about selling him come Spring as I really do enjoy him but he didn't get a lot of work this year.   :( 

Ace is my latest addition to the roster, a 9yo Standardbred gelding.   He's so laid back and willing to do anything.  Only broke to ride a year, he was bought at a kill sale for $200 about 1.5 years ago by a gal north of me.  She broke him to ride and I bought him this Spring with hopes to go to the World Show with him.   Well...we spent that money at CMSA events this year so Ace missed out. He Didn't care much.  He's more happy on the road than off road.  Ready to go to reenactments next year, I hope we can hook him up to a cannon.   Played around with mounted archery last month and I think that's going to be a fun side hobby too.   Anything you ask him to do, he'll be on the program in 5 minutes or less.  Really looking forward to getting over my fear of driving with him. 

Yup.  I have a lot of horses.  Even more that I didn't list because I share them with my husband.   They do get ridden quite a bit, though.  Enjoy my walkers and really like doing what people tell me I can't do.   Told that gaited horses can't jump: Sky took home a reserve highpoint championship title at the Hunter Pace last year.   Told only QHs can compete well at mounted shooting.  Sky won her class at regionals and placed 4th at East Nationals this year in her class.    I like to show how versatile these horses are.   I enjoy having fun with them and bringing them to events they enjoy. 

My other four legged kids are a 12 yo coonhound and recently we added a pair of Dane/Lab pups to our family.   

I also should add that I have a tendancy to type fast and not realize that my typed words do not contain the inflection or sarcasm that it does in my head or out of my mouth.  So if I've said something that offended at some point please know I didn't mean it that way.   

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Re: Hello....My name is.................
« Reply #12 on: December 07, 2013, 04:11:36 pm »

I always think everyone knows me, since I am the administrator of this site.  But we have plenty of new people.
So.....my real name is Kysa.  It is a Swedish name.  My mom was an exchange student to Sweden! and named me for her host mother there.
And I did not start this message board, but sort of inherited it about 8 years ago.
If you count my grandfathers horses, I have had them and been around them my whole life.  The first photo I have, my mom is holding a baby  Kysa in front her on the saddle.
When I was 10 my dad bought a Shetland pony for all the kids.  When I was 11, he bought a large welsh pony for me alone.  When I was in college I was the bicycle part of a car/bike accident and did major damage to my back.  At 35, riding was so painful, I was ready to give it up.  Then my best friend got a 5 gaited saddlebred.  After riding Dulcie, I determined that if I had a gaited horse, I could keep at it.  Since then I have been through 2 saddlebred geldings, a Standardbred mare, and now ride a Mountain Pleasure horse mare.  I also have a Mountain horse pony for my granddaughters, and a mini my granddaughters drive.  And I lost Shay, the Standardbred, who is a horse of a lifetime.  My best friend keeps her horses, a Mountain Pleasure Horse, a Spotted Saddle horse pony and a Paso Fino with my horses.
I used to work for a Vet Research company, but quit when my son had twins.  When they were a year old, I started a tack store, which has always been a dream of mine.  So I get to talk horse and play With horse  equipment ALL day long. 
I trail ride and camp with the horses when I can get away in the summer.  I have met a LOT of great people on this message board, which is one of my motivations to keep this board going.
Shay...the way I want to remember her.
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Kysa, South Dakota, 2 Mountain Horses, a Curly Foxtrotter and a Mini, yes, I am crazy!


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Re: Hello....My name is.................
« Reply #13 on: December 07, 2013, 04:43:17 pm »

Jodi. Started riding at age 9 on my uncles QH....wish I could find another horse as nice as him for my kids,etc. he was perfect! I started lessons age 14 and did a little showing. Rode on the equestrian team at college. Then , after a few years with no horses in my life I knocked on a guys door and asked if I could ride his horses! They were Pasos Fino's. he sold me my first paso for $500 and let me board him for $35/month. He was my heart horse and has since passed on, as well as the gentleman who got me into Pasos. I now have a paso mare, an Icelandic, and a mini. Due to a couple major riding accidents, Kids, and a full-time job, i haven't been riding a lot. But, I think about it constantly! I have been horse camping and trail riding for years now. I am married to a non-horse person and have twin girls. We have a barn cat a and 2 house cats. Just lost our Shepard mix of 15 years. No pictures until I figure out this new system, or get onto the old computer.

JMR - Scout and Cisco

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Re: Hello....My name is.................
« Reply #14 on: December 07, 2013, 04:57:51 pm »

Jeanne Root from Milan, PA.  I have loved horses since I can remember but lived in town and could not have one till I was out of school and on my own.  I did get to ride one of my fathers friends horses a couple times a year as I grew up and I started going to rental stables to ride when I was a teenager. 

It ended up being one of the first things on my list to buy when I got my first job.  I bought my first horse from a friend I went to school with and kept it at her house for a while.  But she was not much of a rider except to go to horse shows.  She only rode her horses around the pasture to work on them for showing.  I wanted to see more and go out on trails.  The itch started to see more and more trails when I rode out of stables as a teenager.  I took my first horse to a relatives farm and started riding out looking for trails.  Mostly it was dirt roads in the area, but that was my start.

I went from the road rides to doing a little showing.  Didn't really like that as much as just relaxing on the trails.  Ended up boarding my horse after a nasty divorce and it was at another friends house.  They lived where there were some nice trails close to the farm and a girl I went to school with bought a horse and kept it at her farm about 1 mile from where I boarded my horse.  So we became great riding buddies and explored all over Sugar Hill Recreation are back in the  early 1970's.  It did not have as much of a camping area as it does today, but that was my first exposure to riding on State Forest trails.   Loved it!!   Here were all these trails just a couple miles from where I boarded and my friend and I rode all over the area!!!  It was a great time.  Well till.......my friend moved to CA to look for a job and moved in with her sister out there. 

I had to then move my horse to my newly purchased home.   We built a barn and a fenced in area for my horses.   Lived there with the horses for 20 years before moving to PA to our current home.  Before we moved, I had hooked up with people that wanted to camp at Sugar Hill Recreation area.   That was the beginning.   The horse camping bug was now in my blood and I started wanting to go other places  to see the trails and camp!!

After a divorce of my ex, I met my husband who I actually worked with.  Started dating, he told him room mate that I would not get him on a horse.  He liked camping and said he would go camping and hiking while I went riding.    One day at home I got him on a horse and he forgot all about the hiking and took up riding.  The rest is history from there.    We have rode together now in 39 states and counting.  We spend all our vacation time on horse camping and traveling.   When we retire, we will continue to see the US on the back of our horses.

And now the grand children and showing interest too.     Love to take them and get them hooked on trail riding.   What better sport could a grandparent share with the grandkids!!!

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